Paul Groh was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, near Detroit, and has had a varied musical career as an orchestral violist, country fiddler, bass guitarist, composer and arranger. Paul migrated to Australia in 2000 and is currently Principal Viola in both the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra in Gosford and Christ Church Camerata in Newcastle. His solo CD Extreme Viola was released in 2006. He has been a featured guest artist at viola conferences in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand as well as the 37th International Viola Congress in Cincinnati USA in 2010.

Paul commenced playing viola at the age of nine, joining the Saginaw Symphony Orchestra in central Michigan at age seventeen. Paul started playing country fiddle while at high school, playing the fiddle tunes on the viola, at times performing in hockey stadiums for four thousand people. There was a period of about six years where Paul played bass in two different rock and roll bands. He then joined the new Kentucky Symphony Orchestra as violist. Paul plays an early twentieth-century viola made by Charles Enel of Paris in 1906. Paul is an active composer for the solo viola.

Paul Groh Photo: Photolook Newcastle

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