Terms and Conditions

Ticket Purchase

  1. Tickets to NMF presented events are only valid if purchased through proper NMF booking facilities online – please refer to the relevant booking page on our website newcastlemusicfestival.org.au or other engaged websites, Facebook events, Visit NSW pages, or referrers such as Trybooking, ClassikOn and Civic Theatre Ticket Office.
  2. You can contact the NMF – newcastlemusicfestival@gmail.com to confirm if a ticket seller is an authorised agent. Tickets purchased from an unauthorised agent or re-seller may be cancelled without notice and the ticket holder may be refused admission to the event.
  3. All prices are displayed in Australian dollars.
  4. A transaction fee may apply to your ticket purchase. You will be notified of all applicable fees prior to or during your purchase.
  5. We may impose a maximum ticket limit for each Event. We may cancel or refuse to accept orders that exceed the ticket limit.
  6. Your ticket may be subject to additional booking terms and conditions, that will be notified prior to or during your purchase.
  7. Tickets will only be made available (including by postal delivery when that facility is required and available) following full and cleared payment.
  8. Lost, stolen or missing tickets to events may not be replaced. We may charge an administration fee to issue replacement tickets and may require proof of identity and purchase prior to issuing the replacement tickets.
  9. Unauthorised duplicate tickets will be refused entry to the Event.
  10. Prior to purchasing a ticket through an NMF booking agency or facility, you may be required to register for a user account. You will then be subject to the relevant agency’s Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for your use of any such booking facilities and all transactions conducted using your account.
  11. Some events may have different booking facilities.
  12. All bookings are subject to availability.
  13. Adequate time must be allowed for the collection of any held tickets on arrival at a venue.
  14. NMF does not accept responsibility for any delays that may be encountered at the Box Office prior to an event.
  15. These Terms and Conditions prevail in the event of any inconsistency with the terms and conditions of any authorised agent.

Cancellations, Refund and Resale

  1. Once purchased, your ticket(s) and any transaction fees and charges will not be refunded or exchanged, except as provided in the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice and Australian Consumer Law or in our COVID-19 provisions.
  2. Tickets must not be resold or offered for resale contrary to applicable New South Wales laws. If a ticket is resold for more than 110% of the original purchase price (including transaction fees), the ticket may be cancelled without notice and without refund or exchange, and the ticket holder may be refused admission.
  3. NMF is not responsible for refunding tickets purchased from unauthorised agents or re-sellers.
  4. NMF will take reasonable steps to notify ticket holders of an Event cancellation or rescheduling, however, we cannot guarantee that ticket holders will be informed prior to the starting time of the Event.
  5. Should the Event be cancelled or rescheduled, you may be entitled to a refund as provided in the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice or our COVID 19 provisions. To the extent permitted by law, neither NMF nor a Presenter is responsible for any expenses incurred by you, for example, cost of travel including car parking, child-care and accommodation, if the Event is cancelled.

Variations to Events 

  1. NMF and/or a Presenter reserves the right to add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or vary advertised programs, prices, seating arrangements (including ticket categories) and total tickets available for sale at any time.

Conditions of Entry 

  1. Admission to an Event may be refused if you are unable to produce a valid ticket, regardless of age.
  2. Persons under the age of 13 (Child) must be accompanied by a separately ticketed adult. That separately ticketed adult will be held responsible for the behaviour and actions of that Child. 
  3. By attending the Event, you also agree to the conditions of entry of the place at which the Event is being held (Venue). You may be refused entry or required to leave the Event and the Venue if you do not comply with the Venue’s conditions of entry.
  4. You and any person under your control or in your party may be refused entry or ejected from the Venue, if you or any such person(s) are intoxicated, behaving in an aggressive or disruptive manner, are disturbing to other persons in the audience or the performers, or in any way compromise the health, safety and wellbeing of NMF staff, Venue staff or other visitors. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded in these circumstances, unless required by law.
  5. The right of admission is reserved by Management. Latecomers may not be admitted unless and until there is a suitable break in performance. In some cases, latecomers may not be admitted at all. Tickets will not be exchanged or refunded in these circumstances, unless required by law.
  6. Normally, no food and drink may be consumed in the auditorium, unless otherwise allowed by both the Venue and NMF.
  7. Umbrellas, prams, backpacks, larger bags and other items that may be hazardous or restrict the movement of audience or visitors may not be permitted into the Venue or may need to be cloaked (where the facility exists), depending on the nature of the Event and relevant circumstances.
  8. Other items that are prohibited inside the Venue include, but are not limited to: alcohol purchased from outside the Venue; offensive signs or clothing, laser pointers; helium balloons; and any other item or items that could present a safety hazard to others or may or will interfere with the performance. What constitutes an offensive sign or clothing is a matter determined at the absolute discretion of Management.
  9. Mobile phones, pagers and similar devices must be set to silent or switched off whilst in the auditorium.Persons using any such facility during a performance may be ejected. Program notes

Photography and Recordings 

  1. Cameras, video, and/or audio recorders of any kind must not be used in the auditorium, unless otherwise approved by NMF. Persons contravening this requirement may be ejected.
  2. NMF reserves the right to record, broadcast or simulcast any Event in the NMF, with appropriate permissions from artists and copyright holders.
  3. If you or a member of your party is photographed, filmed or recorded whilst attending an Event, you consent to NMF or third parties appointed by NMF photographing, filming and recording you. NMF or third parties appointed by NMF can broadcast, publish, license and use any photographs, film, recordings and images of you or a member of your party without compensation. NMF, the third parties and anyone acquiring from them have the right to use the material and are not liable to you or a member of your party in any way for its use.


  1. By purchasing a ticket, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure and handling of your personal information as detailed in NMF’s Privacy Policy which is available here.
  2. This may include the disclosure of your personal information by NMF to the Presenter or Venue (when NMF is acting as the authorised agent for that Venue). The Presenter and/or the Venue may collect, use, disclose and handle your personal information in line with their own privacy policies, which you may obtain from the Presenter or the Venue.

Feedback and Complaints 

  1. NMF values feedback as it assists us to improve our customer service to visitors, clients and audiences. You can provide your comments by emailing to us at newcastlemusicfestival@gmail.com
  2. Complaints and feedback will be handled in accordance with our complaint handling policy and procedure, which is available on request.


  1. NMF uses ticket selling organisations such as Trybooking and the Civic Theatre Booking Office to sell and issue tickets for our own Events. NMF is therefore not liable for matters arising out of ticketing complaints and claims for tickets issued by these selling organisations, except where NMF is at fault or where you have a legal right against NMF.
  2. NMF has no control over, or liability for, the performance of the event by a Presenting Entity.
  3. All ticketing complaints and claims, and your legal rights, are against the Presenting Entity, except where NMF is at fault or where you have a legal right against NMF.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, NMF and/or the Presenter will not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, delays, additional expenses or inconvenience arising as a result of your attendance or non-attendance at an Event.
  5. To the extent permitted by law, you release NMF (including its committee, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, agents and volunteers) from any liability for any damage, loss, liability or injury you may suffer in relation to your attendance at a Venue, how so ever caused, including due to any negligence or other act or omission of NMF.
  6. You agree to compensate NMF for any damage, loss, liability or injury NMF may suffer as a result of your wilful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions at a Venue.
  7. You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own property during attendance at any Event.


  1. We may amend these Terms and Conditions by updating them on the NMF website. Any variations become effective on the day immediately after their first publication on our website and apply to any purchases or Events made after that date.
  2. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applying in New South Wales, Australia.


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