Deya Miranda Giner is a professional flamenco dancer, and principal dance instructor at Newcastle Flamenco Dance. ​Deya was raised in Newcastle, and started lessons with instructor Paqui Ferrer during a holiday in Menorca (Spain), and continued learning and perfecting her art with Sydney-based flamenco dancer Diana Reyes. The urge to return to the source and the heart of flamenco dance grew, and Deya returned to Spain to live and study flamenco in Málaga, a choice that would keep her overseas for almost two decades.

Deya studied with some of Spain’s most renowned master dancers, including; La Lupi, El Carrete and La Rosa de Málaga, and deputed as a dancer at the ‘Gypsy Tablao (Soniquete) in Málaga, alongside the famous El Carrete.

Deya moved to Seville to further her studies at the prestigious flamenco dance school of Cristina Herren. Here she studied master classes with Milagros Menjíbar (in the style called ‘Bata De Cola’, the name for the traditional Spanish ruffled dress with a train), Isabel Bayón, Javier Barón and Manolo Soler. She danced intensively under the tutelage of Juana Amaya, at her school in Seville.

Deya’s professional career commenced with a dance company in Mallorca (Spain), and she toured Holland with a flamenco group, performing at a variety of music venues and theatres. In 2003 she returned to Australia and performed with Australian flamenco guitarist Damian Wright in Newcastle and Sydney.

From 2005 until 2008, she again worked with Paqui Ferrer, in her flamenco group in Menorca (Spain) where Deya had the opportunity to dance in the opera ‘La Traviata’ with the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.

In 2009, Deya moved to Jerez, (birthplace of flamenco culture) where she met her partner Paco Lara, a renowned flamenco guitarist. Their combined talents and passion have led them to a string of performances all over the world. Deya has never ceased to perfect her craft. She furthered her dance studies in Jerez before returning to Australia in 2017, dancing with master Manuela Carpio, and also under the guidance of La Maestra, Mercedes Ruiz, one of Spain’s most acclaimed flamenco dancers.