Paco Lara is an acclaimed flamenco guitarist from the birthplace and cradle of flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera, in Spain. Paco started playing guitar at the age of 8.  At the still tender age of 16, Paco began working professionally as a flamenco guitarist with one of his brothers, singer José Lara, recording two albums and touring extensively.  Later, Paco was also mentor and promoter of his other brother, Santiago Lara, who won the renowned La Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla (2000), Spain’s most prestigious guitar competition.

Embodying the unmistakable and genuine Jerez style of flamenco guitar playing, Paco Lara has toured internationally alongside Maestro Paco Cepero, one of flamenco’s most legendary guitarists and composers.
Paco has been at the vanguard of the Flamenco Fusion music genre, with hugely successful bands such as El Barrio (from 2000 to 2003) and Los Delinqüentes (from 2007 to 2011).

Apart from his skill as a soloist, Paco is also revered as an accompanist in the specialised world of flamenco singing (Cante). This he demonstrated by recording and performing with a number of flamenco’s most significant artists including: Beni de Cádiz, Juan Moneo “El Torta”, Miguel Flores “El Capullo de Jerez”, Tomasa Guerrero “La Macanita”, Remedios Amaya, and Jose de los Camarones. Paco has also toured with the principal figure of The Copla Española, Isabel Pantoja, in Santiago de Chille, for the Festival Viña del Mar 2017 and in Lima- Peru.

As an accompanist to flamenco dance (Baile), Paco has participated in many European tours with famed flamenco dancer Mercedes Ruiz from Jerez, in her concerts: “Dibujos en el Aire”,  “Gestos de Mujer”  and “Perspectivas”.
The latter was awarded the “Critics Choice” at The Festival de Jerez in 2011 and this collaboration project went on being represented in variety of prestigious programs and festivals across Europe including “Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba” Córdoba – Spain (2012), “Festival Plaza Flamenca”, Beziers – France  (2012), “Teatro Compac Gran Vía Madrid” – Spain ( 2012), “Fiesta de la Bulería de Jerez” Jerez – Spain (2012), “Bienal de Sevilla” – Spain ( 2012), “Oktoberfest” Munich – Germany (2012), “Casa de la Música Moscow” – Russia (2013), “Festival Flamenco” St. Petersburg – Russia ( 2013).

Paco performed at the “Festival de la Guitarra Flamenca”, Jerez – Spain (2018), where he also was a member of the judging panel for the guitar competition section of the festival.

In 2017, Paco moved with his family to Australia and has since called Down Under his home. In Australia, he has performed across the country with different flamenco dance companies, including Compañia Pepa Molina (Sydney), Alma Flamenca (Adelaide), Flamenqueando Productions (Adelaide), Bandaluzia (Sydney), Flamenkisimo (Sydney), Compañia Lauren Majarrés (Sydney) and Tabanko Flamenko (Newcastle) performing in Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney (Sydney Guitar Festival). Paco Lara has recorded more than 20 albums with the best artists in Spain.

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