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Saturday August 12, 7.30pm, Adamstown Arts at Adamstown Uniting Church
The Bowerbird Collective: Simone Slattery (violin) | Anthony Albrecht (cello)

From the creators of Where Song Began (***** Limelight Magazine) & Songs of Disappearance (No.2 on the ARIA charts), this performance will take you on an epic journey alongside migratory birds as they connect continents and cultures. A cinematic live concert experience, Life on Land’s Edge draws on art, science, and music from across the ages. Spectacular footage and soundscapes set the scene for two of Australia’s most adventurous musicians. Be immersed in one of nature’s greatest stories.

The 60-minute performance is followed by a Q&A.


Simone SLATTERY (b. 1988) – Invisible Connections (2020)*
Philip GLASS (b. 1937) – Opening (1981)
Anne CAWRSE (b. 1981) – Sanctuary (2021)*
Chris WILLIAMS (b. 1986) – (Codex) on the Flight of Birds (2021)*
Corrina BONSHEK (b. 1977)- Far Eastern Curlew Lament (2021)*
Corrina BONSHEK (b. 1977)- Between Sea and Sky (excerpt, 2022)*
Anne CAWRSE (b. 1981) – Ruddy Turnstone (excerpt, 2021)*
Dai FUJIKURA (b. 1977) – Star Compass (2020)
Gambirra ILLUME – Wind Birds (2022)*
Antonio Lucio VIVALDI – Violin Concerto “per Chiareta” in B flat major RV 372a, Andante (c.1720)
Simone SLATTERY (b. 1988) – The Godwit and Curlew (2020)*

* New Commission from BirdLife Australia and the Bowerbird Collective

Download Program Notes from The Bowerbird Collective



Bowerbird Collective

This concert is presented by
Dr Bruce Caldwell. 

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